St Francis Links - Hole Explorer

  • Hole 1 - Milkwood

    Hole 1 - Milkwood

    Par 4 (376, 327, 287, 259 Metres, Stroke 5) The Signature Tree, never to be touched. The Milkwood is protected throughout the course and the development. Play over her, under her or around her. If you try to play through her, she will win she always does! How to Play this Hole PGA Director of Golf, Jeff Clause, tells you how to play this hole and the other fantastic 17 Enjoy the walk (or the ride) and remember his most valuable advice, Every great shot begins with a smile, play one shot at a time! The opening hole at St Francis Links teases the eye more than the golf swing. This relatively short par 4 turns left and plays uphill past the blowout bunker on the left. There is plenty of room left and right driver here may not be necessary. Make sure you account for the uphill and the prevailing wind when playing to the green. Your safe start is a miss to the right, a chip and a putt!
  • Hole 2 - Which Way?

    Hole 2 - Which Way?

    Par 4 (383, 363, 328, 286 Metres, Stroke 3) In true links fashion, you arrive at the tee and guess where to aim. My advise? Take the driver over the aiming pole and the left corner of the bush. Shorter hitters should aim at the bush on the left. How to Play this Hole When I arrived on the tee for the first time, I looked almost 270 degrees before I found the hole! The dune and another blowout distort the shot-making picture here. If you know your own length, carrying the dune and the bush will bring huge rewards. Shorter hitters stay left, lay-up and pitch your third. Longer hitters should let it fly. Trust me, there is plenty of fairway over the dune.
  • Hole 3 - Perfect Fit

    Hole 3 - Perfect Fit

    Par 5 (537, 511, 473, 450 Metres, Stroke 7) The first of the four fantastic par 5s, the green was designed and placed "perfectly" between the bushes and dunes take dead aim. How to Play this Hole Mr. Nicklaus designed this hole simply by letting the land dictate the play. The little target bunker through the fairway on the left is the perfect line from the tee. Again, the landing area is generous for the average length player, but narrows at the bunker for the longer hitter. Unless you really "creamed it" off the tee, lay up to another wide and safe zone short of the approach bunkers +/- 100m from the green. It is from there that you will see why the hole got its name. The green is placed perfectly between the bush-covered dune behind and the bunkers and bushes to the left. Trust your swing and walk away with your first birdie. This is where the great man got his first one, too! Oh! At 66 years young, Mr. Nicklaus launched a drive from the back tees (about 330 yards), knocked his second to 10m from the green, hit a little bump and run near the pin and casually rolled it in. You should've been there on Opening DAY!
  • Hole 4 - Double Vision

    Hole 4 - Double Vision

    Par 3 (159 - 107 Metres, Stroke 17) The first time golfer will only see the green with the flagstick. How is this for some par 3 double vision! How to Play This Hole Whether you are playing from the back tee to the front green OR the front tee to the back green, this is truly one great par three. one for the memory books. Another Jack Nicklaus Signature Course at Desert Highlands, Geronimo in Arizona features large greens with two flagsticks and in some cases, two greens for the same hole. Number 4 at SFL offers two great shot-making options. Allow for the prevailing wind when playing the bottom green; when it comes from the west, those greenside bunkers get pretty big! When playing to the top, take an extra club - it carries all the way and the green surface is a lot bigger that it looks.