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No Losers… Only Winners!

Airports– none better than the new one in Durban, great upgrades to Cape Town International and OR Tambo, roads that now work in all directions, the Gautrain to Sandton in 15 minutes, Stadiums that are simply the most beautiful in the world, IT and Communication upgrades and innovation and best of all,Spirit, Pride and a whole bunch of National Enthusiasm!

As a Cheerleader for South Africa, I am convinced that the successful hosting of this event will serve to overcome the stupid press and bad perceptions that still exist outside our borders.

The enthusiasm shown and the buy-in by everyone who has supported the event or attended a match, raised a flag, attached something to their car or on their mirror, bought a shirt or even blown a Vuvuzela has helped to show the world what a fantastic place this is. I am proud of my American heritage and today, even more proud to be South African, by choice. After supporting Bafana Bafana and the States in the qualifying rounds, I felt a bit deflated by their exits. However, now I am into every team that is excelling. I attended a match in Durban where the atmosphere was simply electric! When Brazil and Portugal drew their match, I realised that there were no losers… They both qualified for the final sixteen, the streets were filled with revellers who were well-mannered and I was the winner just for being there. We entered the stadium at 12h45 for a 4pm start. After
applying some face paint and taking a slow walk around, I took my seat and watched the place fill up. As time passed, the big screens played a non-stop review of matches combined with visuals from all over the country accompanied by music from local performers. The Waka Waka (and Shakira) played about four times – and got better each time.

By the time the players took the field, the entire stadium was humming AND the Vuvuzela’s were an amazing part of the vibe – unlike on TV where it sounds like a constant buzzing, in the stadium it raises with the action. The drums were beating and the fans were cheering AND the horns were going and blowing – the World Cup where the Vuvuzela’s were such a big part of it all. Then there were the regalia – the dress, the face paint, the flags, the hats – amazing!

But, best of all was the good spirit and harmony – competition on the field and one massive and orderly party to follow. We walked from the stadium back to North Beach – a few kilometers – and it was one constant flow of people – all blowing their horns and enjoying the occasion.

How many of you wanted to run away and hide – how many of you feared the worst – how many of you actually got caught up in it all. I’ll bet most of you got a big PLEASANT surprise AND I’ll bet you even have new favourites now – even though your old favourites may be out! Come on, admit it – even with the Vuvu’s it’s all good!

I am hoping to see a Brazil/Ghana/Argentina/Spain semi-final and a Brazil/Spain Final. You should watch them here if you can’t be there – we’ll show them on HD and the Big Screen with Beer and wine specials, bar snacks and more!!

Coming Soon!!!
Next Week – July 10th: The Ladies’ Invitational (Click here)
July 13th: The BillabongPRO-AM (Click here)
July 15th – July 18th: The OPEN Championship St Andrews – Scotland
July 16th – July 18th: The Men’s Invitational (Click here)
July 18th – July 20th: The Pro-Pro Road Trip
July 21st – July 22nd: The Royals-Links Invitational and Member Challenge
(Note: Members needed for the 22nd!!!)

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