Hole 1 - 'Milkwood'

Par 4 (376, 327, 287, 259 Metres, Stroke 5)

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The Signature Tree, never to be touched. The Milkwood is protected throughout the course and the development. Play over her, under her or around her. If you try to play through her, she will win she always does!

How to Play this Hole

PGA Director of Golf, Jeff Clause, tells you how to play this hole and the other fantastic 17....

Enjoy the walk (or the ride) and remember his most valuable advice, Every great shot begins with a smile, play one shot at a time! The opening hole at St Francis Links teases the eye more than the golf swing. This relatively short par 4 turns left and plays uphill past the blowout bunker on the left. There is plenty of room left and right driver here may not be necessary. Make sure you account for the uphill and the prevailing wind when playing to the green. Your safe start is a miss to the right, a chip and a putt!


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