You might have noticed during the Ryder Cup that matches were won by the guys who held putts.  When it comes to ball striking the best players in the world are all very good, fairways and greens.  Where they get separated is on the greens. 

Fleetwood putting

Good posture is very important with the golf swing, do not think it is of no importance with the putting stroke.  If you have bad posture your putting stroke will be more in the hands and not a pendulum movement from the shoulders.

When anxiety sets in you become stiff and this will result in you performing a jerky stroke. Control your breathing and visualize the ball going into the hole.

Staying down on the putt
Most short putts that are missed is because you are moving your body too much.  Staying down on the putt means that you do not move your body too much or too early.  "Coming out of it" is when you move your head early in the stroke to see where the ball is going.  I have found that a good drill to help with this is to put your ball on top of a R5 coin and then hit the putt.  Keep your focus on the coin for as long as possible after you hit the putt.

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Thinus Keller
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Links Cup date moved

New date for The Links Cup 20 - 21 October 2018

Due to popular demand we have to move The Links Cup matches.  Minutes after we sent out the entry forms we recieved many calls to inform us of previous commitments made.  Last night at the members get togehter we asked the members present about moving the date to the 20 and 21 October.  The new date was welcomed.  We are here to administrate so that you can participate.

We are still going ahead with a two day event and will send out the ammended entry forms as soon as possible.  On Saturday we start off with betterball matchplay on the front 9, and close off the back 9 with foursomes matchplay.  Sunday morning we will return for 18 holes of indivdual matchplay.

Links Cup Medals 2018

New Handicap Cards

Handicap card

We would like to inform all of our members who are handicapped here at St Francis Links that the new SAGA handicap cards have arrived and it will replace the current black handicap card.  HNA would like to ensure that all golfers have a fully functional card.  The old black card will be active until 31 August 2018, thereafter it will be de-activated.  You will still be able to access the mobile phone app as before.  If for some reason you are unable to collect you handicap card please contact our Head Professional, Thinus Keller This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will make arrangements to send your card to you (at your cost).

Hitting your wedges close

More often than not you do not want to hit your wedges high, unless it really is necessary. The higher you hit it the more difficult it becomes to control it and be accurate. This is very important in our conditions where it can get windy. To accomplish this, you need to change your setup and your swing.

Changing your setup
To keep the shot lower, play the ball further back in your stance, nearly in line with the back foot. The reason you need to do this is because you have a lofted club in your hand and you want to create a high spinning shot that goes low. Set up in a narrow stance to maintain balance and to prevent overswinging.

Ball on the back foot

Changing your swing
The most important thought to have is to keep your hands in front of the clubhead. Through impact the you want to deloft the clubhead and the only way to do this is by keeping the hands in front. If the clubhead goes past/in front of the hands you are creating more loft and you will hit the ball higher.
It is very important to have proper body rotation. If you do not turn your body through the downswing, your hands will have to do too much work and you will not hit the low spinning wedge.  Keep your weight more towards the front foot, this will help to deloft the club

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Thinus Keller
Head PGA Golf Professional

Improving your short game

Back to basics
For many members, finding clean crisp contact feels nearly impossible. Choose a less lofted club (8 Iron) and use your putter grip. Stand closer to the ball with a narrow stance.

Too often I see golfers taking back too fast and when they start going forward towards impact, they slow down. Make a smooth back swing and accelerate through impact.

Length of swing
Keep it short. The longer your backswing is the more you can hinge your wrists. Keep it simple, keep it short.

Chipping Hybrid

Hybrid or Wood
Do not forget to practice chipping with your hybrid or woods. Take your putting setup and remember that the ball comes off the clubface a little bit faster. I see putter being used too often from far away, practice with you longer clubs.

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Thinus Keller
PGA Head Golf Professional