Those sandy holes

One of the main reasons I see golfers struggle with bunker shots is down to the set-up they use before making their swing. Too often I see the shaft leaning forward and the hands too high at address. The sand iron is designed to work differently to other irons in the bag and this set-up doesn’t allow it to work effectively.

So lower your hands at address, make sure the ball is positioned forward in your stance, the weight is mainly on your left side and the butt of your club points towards your belly button. Make a normal, smooth swing, keeping your weight on the left side throughout, hitting the sand 2 - 3 cm or so behind the ball and completing your follow through as you finish forward towards the target. Accelerate through the shot.


Practice this regularly and you will develop feel for the distance the ball travels.

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Thinus Keller
PGA Head Golf Professional

How to hit the ball farther

This is a question I get asked a lot.  Why do my friends hit the ball so far and I don't?

Lets focus on a couple of things.

1. Using your whole body to swing the golf club.  I want you to do an experiment.  Go the range and throw a couple of balls, only using your arms.  Try to keep your body still and do not use your shoulders and hips.  Then I want you to throw balls using your whole body.  You will see a noticable difference in distance!

2. Tempo.  I see most players start their backswing way too fast.  If you start so fast you will not be able to complete your backswing.  You need to think, Low and Slow.  Complete your backswing by turning your shoulders to 90 degrees.  This means you will be able to generate more power.

 Ernie Els

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Thinus Keller

PGA Head Golf Professional


Flag Hunting

The next time you play a round I encourage you to try and hit the ball to the middle of the green and not to go flag hunting. When you go flag hunting and you miss the green you will leave yourself with a very difficult up and down, and could end up making double bogey instead of par.

Going for the PIN

If you choose to hit the middle of the green the target is bigger and that takes away unnecessary stress. If you hit a good shot it will be on the green and you just need to two putt for par...

You will see that your ball ends up closer to the pin by going for the middle than it would have if you tried to hit it in the hole from 150 m out.
Don’t forget to practice, it is important.

Thinus Keller
Head PGA Golf Professional


When you go to the driving range before you play your round, you should work on your timing... not to fix your swing.

Make half length, half paced practice swings. It needs to be a slow movement back and through. It will work because you will feel the clubhead during the swing and you will naturally slow you down.


The aim is to keep the club shaft in front of you throughout the shot. Poor ball striking often stems from tension in the hands. When you have tension in your hands you lose mobility in your wrists and your feel of the club.

If you are losing shots to the right, blocking drives, your lower body might be releasing too quickly. This is a fault that causes the clubhead to get left behind as your body turns through. In this instance, you need to slow down your lower body release. Hit some practice shots with a wider stance. This will help your arms stay connected to the rotation of your body for much better strikes.

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Thinus Keller
PGA Head Professional

Control your wedges

Most players understand the fundamentals of pitching and chipping. They know to set up in a slightly open stance and to favour the front foot. They know they should accelerate through impact and let the loft on the clubface provide the height and spin they need to stop the ball close.

Why do they still hit bad shots? Because they get caught up in trying to control the distance the ball goes without really knowing how to do it. They decelerate on short shots and swing wildly on the longer shots.

Vary your Backswing

Brenden 1

Picture 1
It is very difficult to control distance by swinging faster or slower. Rather develop a system of wedge distances by varying how far you take back the club. Let’s say that in Picture 1 Brenden will with his Lob Wedge hit the ball 40 meters. His left arm angle points towards 8’o clock.

Brenden 2

Picture 2
In Picture 2 Brenden’s left arm is parallel to the ground. He knows that when he stops his swing here he hits the ball 55 meters. In Picture 3 his left arm angle is towards 10 o’clock. He is able to hit the ball 75 meters when he stops his swing at this point.

Brenden 3

Picture 3
By spending time on the range and practicing this system he will be able to better control his wedges. It is very important to control the speed of the swing, to accelerate through the shot and to keep in control of the swing. He will lower his score and ultimately enjoy his golf more.

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Thinus Keller
PGA Head Golf Professional