Hitting your wedges close

More often than not you do not want to hit your wedges high, unless it really is necessary. The higher you hit it the more difficult it becomes to control it and be accurate. This is very important in our conditions where it can get windy. To accomplish this, you need to change your setup and your swing.

Changing your setup
To keep the shot lower, play the ball further back in your stance, nearly in line with the back foot. The reason you need to do this is because you have a lofted club in your hand and you want to create a high spinning shot that goes low. Set up in a narrow stance to maintain balance and to prevent overswinging.

Ball on the back foot

Changing your swing
The most important thought to have is to keep your hands in front of the clubhead. Through impact the you want to deloft the clubhead and the only way to do this is by keeping the hands in front. If the clubhead goes past/in front of the hands you are creating more loft and you will hit the ball higher.
It is very important to have proper body rotation. If you do not turn your body through the downswing, your hands will have to do too much work and you will not hit the low spinning wedge.  Keep your weight more towards the front foot, this will help to deloft the club

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Thinus Keller
Head PGA Golf Professional