Flop it ... O' Flop

Often there is an obstacle between you and the green. Here at St Francis Links you need to use a variety of different shots around the green and the ability to hit the ball high and a short distance will help you to reduce your strokes around the course.

Tips to hitting a high flop shot:

• Adopt a slightly wider stance and position your hands over the ball.
• Open your clubface and your stance.
• Swing path is parallel to your foot line.
• Slide the clubhead under the ball.
• Let your body unwind through the shot and finish high.
• Keep your rhythm nice and smooth.

Flop Shot

Hitting a flop shot is all about practice and confidence. Without practice you won’t have the confidence that is necessary to execute the shot.
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See you on the practice tee.

Thinus Keller
PGA Head Golf Professional