We don’t always hit the ball as close as we would like, and while you would never expect to hole every long-range putt you face, I can say with some certainty that you won’t hole any if you never get the ball up to the hole!

Many golfers struggle to get the ball to the hole on longer putts, and this simple practice drill will help improve your distance control from further away.
A great way of improving your distance control is to first of all take the line of the putt out of the equation. Do this by taking the hole out of play and putting to the fringe. Try and get the ball to stop right where the green ends and the fringe begins. You will be completely focussed on the length of the putt so pay particular attention to how the length of your swing affects the distance the putt travels. This drill will also give you an opportunity to hit the longest possible putts on the practice green.


As a result it should make long putts out on the golf course less intimidating and easier to cope with.
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See you on the practice tee!

Thinus Keller
PGA Head Golf Professional