When you go to the driving range before you play your round, you should work on your timing... not to fix your swing.

Make half length, half paced practice swings. It needs to be a slow movement back and through. It will work because you will feel the clubhead during the swing and you will naturally slow you down.


The aim is to keep the club shaft in front of you throughout the shot. Poor ball striking often stems from tension in the hands. When you have tension in your hands you lose mobility in your wrists and your feel of the club.

If you are losing shots to the right, blocking drives, your lower body might be releasing too quickly. This is a fault that causes the clubhead to get left behind as your body turns through. In this instance, you need to slow down your lower body release. Hit some practice shots with a wider stance. This will help your arms stay connected to the rotation of your body for much better strikes.

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Thinus Keller
PGA Head Professional