There are many varieties of eyewear that one can choose from but which is the best one for you! Whilst living in a warm sunny environment I personally believe that wearing the correct pair of sunglasses is vital to match your needs, whether you’re on the road, playing golf or even fishing.

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Oakley Prizm Golf
The PRIZM lenses have taken around 10 years to create, with satellites positioned all over the world taking pictures at various times of the day. This has helped the “boffins” at Oakley discover that if they take out certain colors in the color spectrum it makes you focus on the correct one’s you need, which allows your brain to shut out the unnecessary colors. It then improves the contrast for better separation of color and gives you more depth to gauge the grass conditions and distance.
Oakley engineering takes performance to the next level and brings style along for the ride. Flak 2.0 offers a standard size frame with enhanced lens coverage and every millimeter of the lens is optimized with High Definition Optics in a ruggedly durable yet lightweight design. Designed to push your limits with patented XYZ Optics for razor sharp clarity and secure grip of Unobtanium.

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I have personally only used Oakley Sunglasses for my golf and lifestyle experiences and I won’t be changing any time soon. Do yourself a favor and see the world through brilliance!
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Happy Golfing!
Brian Wessels