New Technology

Putting is one of the most difficult aspects in golf and so is choosing a putter. There are so many to choose from these days with different shapes, lengths and weighting its hard to decide, especially when it comes to the price! But I might have one just for you...

Introducing the Cleveland TFI 2135 Putter Range

Cleveland TPI Putter

The TFI or True Feel Innovation 2135 Tour putters from Cleveland offer a feel like no other with its Copper Infused Face, Copolymer Insert and Aluminum Head giving you that “Winning Feel.”

Cleveland TPI Putter 1

Now you might still be wondering what the 2135 stands for? This is actually the radius of a golf ball when measured and is exactly where the Sweet Spot sits in the TFI Range. This is where the line on the back of the putter comes into play as this offers adjustability over the ball for three different types of golfers; the golfer that sets up short of center, on center or over/past center making it easier to line up.

I have tried these putters out and is truly a one of a kind putter which is designed to help any golfer from high to low handicappers. We are currently stocking a selection of the putters in the Pro Shop and would love to put one in your hands.

Brian Wessels
PGA Professional