This weekend I played in a Pro Am event at Pezula, not an easy course to play in good weather, very difficult when the mist is so thick that you can’t see 20 meters in front of you. Vlam Michau, Yan Coesens and Mauro Nettl joined me as we soldiered through the course with zero visibility.


When the group in front was away they would shout or whistle then we knew we could hit our next shot. The weather condition was by far the most difficult I have ever played in, but our group had fun with it. On a couple of occasions we hit incredible shots, almost making a Hole in One.

I realized just how important it is to aim. Not to aim at a target 100m or 200m away, but at a target 3m away. If you can choose a target 3m away and only focus to hit the ball at the target you will have better results. We all get caught up aiming at the pin, which we will not do correct most of the time. Pick a spot close to you and focus on that spot.

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Thinus Keller
PGA Head Golf Professional