The importance of a good finish

Hold that pose - Snap, Click, Flash

The most published photos of Professional Golfers are those of players that stare at the ball until it ultimately hits the perfect mark. This is not for media, it is to complete a good golf swing.

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The importance of the finish position is over-looked because of a players’ lack of confidence through the rest of the swing. The most misunderstood part of this topic is that: a good finish position is the cause of a good ball flight, not the other way around. You must reach a good finish to obtain full rotation.

When you are on the practice range and you neglect the repetition of a good finish, you are not giving your pivot leg enough training to stay in control of your dynamic balance.

Dynamic Balance is the ability to stay balanced in a movement, and that’s golf.  A Good pre-swing thought is that you must hold your finish position for 3 seconds after impact whether it is a good shot or not. Achieving this goal consistently will eliminate the swings that you decelerate and stop before the finish position.

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Christo Krugel
PGA Golf Professional